Getting to Santorini

There are various ways you can get to Santorini, depending on the length of trip you are planning and if you want to see any other locations on your way.


The easiest and most direct would be flying directly to Santorini airport, which is located just 3 km outside Fira, where our wedding location is.

From there you can either take a local bus to Fira or other villages, depending on where you are staying, get a taxi or hire a car.


From Athens:

If you feel more adventurous and would like to explore Athens on your way to Santorini, you can take a flight to Athens which has a direct ferry connection with Santorini from either the port of Pireaus or Rafina.

To go to Pireaus, you can take the X96 bus which departs every 20-40min from the airport. Allow about 60-90 minutes for the trip to the port. The bus ticket currently costs €6 (free for children under 6), available from the bus driver. Timetable of bus departures can be found here. You can also take a Taxi to go to the Port of Piraeus. This should cost about €15. If you take a taxi it is a good idea to let the driver know that your destination is Santorini, so that he takes you in the port area where the ferries to Santorini are. Note that many Greek taxi drivers usually “service” more people on a single fair and they collect the same amount of money from all passengers or passenger-groups. This is not legal, but you will see it is being accepted by many. However that does not mean that you have to accept it. It is illegal and it should not be happening.Once you reach the port, there are a lot of travel agencies from where you can buy your ticket. Bear in mind that there are more or less 3 types of ferries that can take you to Santorini.

  • The first one is a normal ferry (cheapest but also slowest option). In this case the trip takes about 9-10 hours and the ticket costs about €24.

  • The second case is the so-called Blue-Star ferries (relatively fast and not too expensive). The trip in this case should last about 7 hours and the ticket should cost about €28.

  • And the final, fastest and most expensive option is the so-called High-Speed ferries. With a High-Speed ferry it should only take you about 5 hours to get to Santorini, and the ticket should cost about €40.

More information about ferries & schedules, as well as bookings, check out links below:

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You can also take a ferry from Crete (port Heraklion), for 2016 season the ticket cost is €56, with ferry departing 9 am from Heraklion and arriving 10.45 am to Santorini.

You can have a look here for more information about this route.